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Statement of Goals and Program Specific Objectives

ASBC is an undergraduate institution offering programs that will enhance its constituents for ministry. The goals and programs fulfill students need by providing a range of courses that will nurture and develop future leaders steeped in Biblical and theological concepts. The programs are designed to promote values that are respective at any level of ministry. ASBC also provides a wide range of programs that encompass the challenge of Christian stewardship. The goals and objectives that are cited are definitive of what a student can become.

Institutional Goals:

  • Students are able to study Bible/Theology, General Education, and Practical Ministry course offerings that will lead to the conferring of Certificates, Associates and Bachelor degrees in Religious Studies.
  • Students can be prepared as future credential holders and for the ordination and licensure examination within local congregations and jurisdictions of the Church of God in Christ.
  • Students can learn in an atmosphere that allows them to gain knowledge of the Word of God as they develop authentic spiritual lives, anchored by a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Students are taught using methods that will promote their intellectual and spiritual curiosity by exposure to guest lecturers, special events, and social and communal activities structured around their field of studies.
  • Students may participate in campus activities that will contribute to their social and cultural development.
  • Students will be able to take advantage of opportunities for Christian service in local churches, community settings, and Para-church agencies.

Program Specific Objectives

It is the endeavor of ASBC to promote learning objectives that will promote genuine spirituality and rigorous intellectual pursuit. ASBC programs offer a range of programs that will impact attendees who seek licensure and ordination, and those who seek to become self-actualized. Initially, ASBC was attracting students from the Tri-State areas of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Later, ASBC began to draw students from across the United States. Drawing students from all of the denominational jurisdictions was part of the original recruitment plan, but recently that part of its design has been redefined. ASBC, through the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, has been approved for programs in eleven content areas of Ministry. ASBC, under this state governing agency, is approved to offer majors and minors in Bible Education and Teaching, Leadership Studies, Mission Studies, Music Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Prison Ministry, Radio Broadcasting, Urban Ministry, Video Production & Internet Broadcasting, Women in Ministry and Youth Ministry. The college currently offers four of the eleven approved programs. The four programs geared to specific learning at ASBC are:

  • Pastoral Ministry - Communicate the Gospel through planned, organized, formalized preparation that will demonstrate skills commensurate to officiating and conducting worship and ceremonial rituals for the care of people.
  • Mission - Demonstrate an understanding of the biblical mandate of the Great Commission while providing care for those who hurt and are suffering. Students will also learn biblical skills and concepts surrounding "becoming fishers of men" in promoting leadership principles
  • Behavioral Science: Marriage & Family - Developing and maturing professionally asserting principles and methods to administer Christian counseling of families and to address common problem areas where identified abuse and dysfunction exist.
  • Christian Education - The ability to demonstrate competency in leadership principles and a historical understanding of Christianity through training in the church school setting. Students will plan, develop, organize and evaluate educational programs. Students will broaden their social communication skills while developing a Christian worldview employing moral and social responsibility of biblical history. Students will also demonstrate a passion for evangelism and mission in expressing commitment to lifelong learning.

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