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Dr. Scruggs

Dear Prospective Student,

Life is incredible challenging. Likewise, obtaining a quality religious education can be an especially challenging experience. All Saints Bible College meets this challenge by providing a competitive educational program at our Memphis campus and through Distance Learning and Online Programs.

Take advantage of All Saints' Educational Programs, education made convenient, courses that are offered to prospective students.

Our goal is to provide General Education and Biblical and Theological subjects that offer knowledge while preparing students to pursue professional careers in Ministry. All programs are designed to demonstrate the relationship between genuine spirituality and rigorous intellectual pursuits.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of All Saints Bible College's educational program.

We offer you the opportunity to - Begin your educational journey in the spirit of excellence at All Saints Bible College.

Until He Comes,
Dr. Granville Scruggs
President, All Saints Bible College

The visit is scheduled for October 06-08 at the campus of All Saints Bible College in Memphis, Tennessee.

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