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Distance Learning Centers (DLC)

Schools, located in churches and jurisdictional facilities throughout the country will function as DLCs for All Saints Bible College. The students in these institutions will be enrolled in the correspondence programs of All Saints. They will meet the standard All Saints admissions criteria. They will come together with other students and a proctor at the local CHMJI DLC.

Academic Credits, Programs and Degree - The DLC will offer the standard courses and degree programs that are offered by All Saints. Students will be enrolled in specific degree programs and will be given regular academic credit for their work. DLC may also elect to continue offering other courses that are outside of the scope of the All Saints correspondence program. Such courses and programs will be governed by the school's internal policies. DLCs will follow their state's higher education guidelines for all of the programs that they run independent of the All Saints correspondence program.

Admissions and Registration - Distance learning students will enroll at All Saints as on-line students. If the admissions forms are completed at the DLC, they must be forwarded to All Saints within a week of their completion. All students must complete admissions forms and all other appropriate documents, including course registration material, within two (2) weeks after the beginning of classes for the semester. Students may either register at the DLC or via correspondence with All Saints.

Course Material - All Saints faculty members will develop the syllabi, handouts, texts, exams, and assignments for the courses. In cases where faculty members meet All Saints criteria, they will be allowed with special permission from All Saints to augment the study material that students use for their courses. The course work for DLC students will be completed and submitted to All Saints not later than one week following the end of the last exam for a given semester. During summer sessions this will be completed by the end of August.

Attendance Policies - The DLCs do not have a mandatory attendance policy for students. However, students should not miss more than three (3) group sessions during the semester.

Fees - All fee payments for DLC students are listed in the financial section of the catalog.

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