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Technical Requirements

Students must have access to a personal computer, be connected to the Web by a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP), and Internet Explorer 4.0, or higher, as their browser. A personal password protected e-mail account through the Bible College's website is also required. In addition, some courses may require students to have specific software application or utilities installed. After completing online orientation, students may obtain a permit to register and have it signed by an advisor. Students can then register by fax, phone, or in person. A copy of the registration form can be printed from the website. After registering, the student should contact the Instructor for more information.

Students may also take these courses through their jurisdictional institutes. In such cases, the Internet connections may be provided by the jurisdictions allowing students to study in groups

  • Broadband - You'll need a broadband connection to fully take advantage of All Saints Online. Some examples of a broadband Internet connection include: Cable Modems, DSL, Satellite, T-1 and beyond.

    Occasionally, a corporate firewall will block Media Player delivery. Read below for additional tips.

  • Computer Power - Intel Pentium III, AMD Athlon, Apple G4 or better processor. Newer Intel, AMD and Apple G4 computers are optimized for broadband applications. A high speed video card with up-to-date video drivers is also recommended.

  • Windows Media Player - All Saints Online Streaming Video Library is encoded for Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player is available for Windows, Apple, Linux and other UNIX platforms.

  • The focus of All Saints Online is to provide educational material in streaming multimedia format over the Internet to facilitate learning...24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Streaming multimedia means being able to watch a video as it is downloading.
Key components to successfully view an All Saints video:

1. Broadband Internet Connection (DSL/Cable/T1, etc), ideally with at least a 128Kb (Kilobit) connection downstream bandwidth into your PC. 256Kb is even better and will further improve your video quality. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can travel through a connection. It is important to remember that bandwidth is expressed in bits per second, while almost everything else in the computer world is expressed in bytes. There are eight bits in a byte. Common dialup modem connections today are getting faster, but still only 56Kb max - roughly 56 thousand bits.

2. Recommended Computer:
  • 200 MHz or faster Intel Pentium compatible processor
  • 64MB or more of RAM
  • DSL or CABLE modem or dedicated T1 type connection to Internet
  • SoundBlaster compatible Sound card and don't forget speakers!
  • Video display card set at High Color (16Bit) or True Color (24 or 32 Bit), or better
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4+
  • Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape Communicator 4.0 or later
    A lower speed computer processor may work fine, but you should test to be sure performance and quality is not adversely affected.

    3. Windows Media Player: You will need Version 6 or 7 of the Microsoft Windows Media Player installed on your computer.

    A FREE copy of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Media Player and Microsoft Internet Explorer are available for download from Microsoft Corporation by clicking on the following icon.

    Unfortunately at this time WebTV does not support the upgraded version of the Windows Media Player necessary to view the program.

    To make things simple, the All Saints Online video program is broadcast in two speeds: low speed, medium speed and high speed.

    If you have a modem that has a speed of 28.8k, 33.6k, or 56k or an ISDN connection, you should use the slower speed broadcast option. The picture size is smaller and the quality is not nearly as good as the high speed broadcast, but due to the limitations of your connection to the Internet, it has the best quality possible. If you really want to see the All Saints Online video program the way it's meant to be viewed, you should look into obtaining a high speed Internet connection like ADSL or Cable modem.

    If you have a Cable Modem, high speed ADSL, are on a computer network with a fast connection at work or have access to any other form of broadband connection, you should use the high speed feed and see the All Saints Online video program at its best. Obviously it's not DVD quality, but by right clicking on the video window you can chose full screen mode and sit back and enjoy the All Saints Online video program as big as regular television (press the "Esc" key to return to normal mode). The full screen option should appeal especially to power users with fast computers and fast connections, so upgrade soon and see what you're missing!

    4. Firewall Settings (May not be necessary, test first to see by trying to play our course preview from our homepage) Windows Media Player is natively supported by the leading firewall vendors. After downloading and installing Media Player, test playing the demo video from our site, or one from the Windows Media site.

    In the rare case where this still doesn't work, find out about your firewall settings for sure by asking your Network Manager or Internet Service Provider.

    Very detailed information on firewall settings is available from Windows Media Player at: please insert.

    5. TEST: Try running our Demo course (on home page). See what kind of results you experience. As a comparison, go to Real Networks demo site and try running one of their demos. Since Windows Media streams from a different server than 24/7 University, you may see better or worse quality, depending on many factors.

    6. Try at different times or from different locations: In spite of all of the advances continually being made in the Internet, sometimes there can be so much traffic, or interference, even the fastest connections will not produce the desired results. Hopefully you will find this a rare event, but we apologize for your inconvenience, even if circumstances may be beyond our control. The Internet is a big, new world, exciting, but with its own growing pains.

    Information provided herein is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge, but may be subject to enhancement or change with industry trends, technology, limitations, and capabilities available at a future date. Product and company names mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners and are used only for explanation and to the owner's benefit.

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